Dawn Jordan teaches you how to talk to your body so your body talks back to you. She invites you to listen to your heart’s deepest longings and open up to more love. Dawn created BodyWisdom, a proven system for  liberating love, awakening and refining  your physical intelligence and sensual power, so you can read the messages coming from your body, live authentically and create the life you really want now.

Dawn believes that our hearts drive our lives. In her 32 years as a Somatic Educator and Licensed Massage Therapist, she noticed that most people carry their emotional baggage like weights in their bodies and that the skin is really the brain turned inside out. You can change how you think and feel by giving your body new input using conscious movement and through refining all your senses, especially your sense of touch. All your issues live in your body tissues. When you give your body new tactile and spatial information, it changes how you think and feel. No wifi or gadget required!

Dawn teaches BodyWisdom to entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives, investors and founders, professionals, busy women, moms, couples, and men who are looking for more agile communication between their hearts, minds and bodies.

BodyWisdom can help:

  • Increase physical energy
  • Refine and deepen your ability to feel, name and claim all the sensations at the surface of your skin and inside your body.
  • Improve intellectual clarity and direction so you live purposefully
  • Identify your heart’s deepest longings
  • Unleash your creative powers
  • Reconnect to love
  • Redefine your life’s legacy
  • Get to inspired action in your daily living

BodyWisdom liberates the Love you long to share with the world.

Dawn has helped thousands of clients find the moves and grooves, body awareness skills and heart-brain-body alignment that make it possible to free love and move through change quickly.

Some organizations she has worked with include:
TEDMEDLive2014Cambridge Innovation CenterBrown UniversityWellesleyGeneral MillsPlanned Parenthood


“Dawn is wonderfully intuitive about the body and what it needs to feel whole. I highly recommend her as a bodyworker. Dawn is gifted, personable, generous and knows how to free the body’s energy. She is a great asset to her field.”

Kathy Goldblatt, Jungian Therapist, Licensed Social Worker


“Through her insight into the chakras, deep massage and wonderful humor, Dawn guided me to higher levels of performance and connection. Truly a joy-filled experience!”

Kathleen Kost, former Dean, SUNY School of Social Work


“Dawn is a masterful healer who holds the secrets of body-centered wisdom.”

Betsy Shands, Martha’s Vineyard